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Let me be clear

While riding on my scooter and enjoying the green grass of spring I came on twigs from the last spring. They were broken, brown branches and dry, a bit of history from which we may  learn. Let it be clear that I agree with the Apostle … Continue reading

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Not all connected by genes but all bound by love

On Sunday evening our family gathered at the Olive Gardens restaurant in Elkhart to celebrate Christmas and New Year  holidays.   Several days before that my daughter, Rachel, recalled a ditty that her  mother had taught her.  I did not remember it, but … Continue reading

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Now that Trump has won.

Everyone has reflected on the election of Donald Trump to the position of President-elect.  I have read reflections by pundents and other serious-minded citizens. Up to now I have  read nothing from the perspective of a 90 year old.  So, I must speak now, or forever hold … Continue reading

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