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Which prophet have you not stoned

The Minority Ministries Council of the Mennonite Church that was active in the 1960’s and 70’s recently reconvened at Greencroft.  In those same decades I was an administrator in the Southeast Mennonite churches, so I felt at home among them. John Powell was among them … Continue reading

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Sacred moments

There were many sacred moments during the public sessions of the Minority Ministries Council reunion:  quiet,  applauding, hugging, singing, memory, and moments of prayer.  One had to be there to take it all in. College Mennonite Church has its recent sacred moments.  For … Continue reading

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What’s the Spirit up to Now?

On Christmas morning we celebrated the one who according to the Biblical story was born of a virgin. It seemed to me that an aspect of the birth was not told. I did not hear of the Holy Spirit  over-shadowing the young womn to impregnate her, thus preparing her to give … Continue reading

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