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One Preacher to Another –

  Perhaps the Old Fool should clarify the characters in this series of essays on “From One Preacher to Another.”  The Old Fool is the preacher; but who is the “another?” Sometimes it appears be a particular preacher, but mostly it is the reader, … Continue reading

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Highlight – Conclusion of Series on Political Pilgrimage

The Old Fool enjoyed this venture into political history. He is testing whether or not we may be honest and still respected and loved.  The Old Fool has admired such democratic presidents as Roosevelt, Truman, Carter, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama. He … Continue reading

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Political Pilgrimage 5 – A History Lesson

When The Old Fool and his family moved to Tampa, Florida, in 1950,  they moved into a largely solid democratic south forged in the modern era by Franklin D. Roosevelt. At that time a politician who won the democratic primary had won the election because the … Continue reading

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