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Political Pilgrimage 4

The Old Fool, Rhoda and Rachel arrived in Tampa, Florida on February 4, 1950.  They had to adjust to many things and to make friends of neighbors.  Two blocks of Ida St. that passed the church were unpaved. Every so often trucks … Continue reading

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Political Pilgrimage 3

In 1932, my Mother and Aunt Lizzie were uncertain how to answer a six year old boy who asked what he was, a Democrat or a Republican. Perhaps they hesitated because no one in the household had ever voted for a president. My father was guided by … Continue reading

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political pilgrimage 2

Franklin D Roosevelt had a part in The Old Fools political pilgrimage.  When FDR became president he asked his friend Harry Hopkins  to head up relief programs for the nation. The president and Hopkins did not believe in simply giving money though money was needed.  Instead they saw … Continue reading

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