Richard Rohr on myth

Today The Old Fool read the introduction to Falling Upward, A Spiritually for the Two Halves of Life written by Richard Rohr.  Rohr writes of the value of “myth.” 

Rohr writes that whether myths. are exact historical truth is not even important. He believes that myths proceed from the deep and collective unconscious  of society.  Myths are stories or images that are not entirely true in particular but entirely true in general.  They are usually not historical fact but invariably they are spiritual genius.

This is what The Old Fool  was trying to say in Sermon 4 – Seriously but not too Seriously, which is a part of the Fantasy Sermon.

Chapter one of Rhor’s book opens with the assertion that there are two halves of life.  The first half of life is building a “container”  or an identity.  The second half is finding the “content” the container is meant to hold.  Sometimes the container must be replaced in order to serve as needed. 

The  Old Fool concurs with a native american aphorism (proverb) at the beginning of Rohr’s Introducction to his book: “no wise person ever wanted to be young again.”

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