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Highlight – Health, Jesus, and Paypal

This morning I woke at the 8:00 am alarm.  I had been up only twice during the night.  When wakened by the alarm,  I found I was breathing easily and I wondered where my bed partner, the CPAP mask, was and … Continue reading

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A Wise Word from a Grandmother

Yesterday was Sunday and Crystal found her way to her cage as usual, and I found my way to sit beside my “Joy” in College Mennonite Church.  The testimony of the morning was given by one of our two young … Continue reading

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The Torah

In his book “When Jesus Became Christian,” Barrie Wilson reports that he moved from being Episcopalian to Judaism. This gave him great appreciation for the Torah which he identifies as the first five books of anyone’s Bible. Barrie gives special status to the Torah. … Continue reading

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