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Greencroft’s Friendly Culture

I was pleased to learn that croft is defined as a kitchen garden.  A kitchen garden is small, productive, probably organic,  and friendly.  I am told that some elderly people resist going to greencroft because they fear losing control.  When … Continue reading

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The Angels of Greencroft

Today I am home alone.  I was not at home when at Greencroft but a bevy of angels were available at all times.  Lisa was the first of the angels to greet me on my arrival.  I remembered her from the time Rhoda … Continue reading

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Some thoughts after Rehab

I could have left Greencroft’s Rehab on Friday afternoon, but the memorial service of missionary Willis Horst delayed my departure for a day.  My daughter Rachel belonged   at the memorial service because of connections within Mennonite Mission Network, and son-in-law Eldon belonged at … Continue reading

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