Mennonites & Migrants

image0-115It took Raymond Martin to verbalize the possibility that I am a “perfect nut”.  (See his comment.) The evil in me made me recall the old observation, “It takes one to know one!”

Don’t be mistaken, Raymond and I are close friends. Only a close friend (or an enemy) could be so honest with me.

I helped ease his transition from a Lancaster Conference  district dominated by a strict bishop  to an assignment in a more relaxed district in the Southeast.

image0-33He and Alice were my hosts on many weekends as I pursued my role as a bishop.  I remember how their listening made it easier for me to regurgitate what I had learned from recent work shops or from a book.  They served in any way the Homestead Mennonite Church called them.

He was the director of the child care ministry which he helped pass from Mennonite administration to become a service managed by the migrant  community.  The service became known and still exists as the Redland Christian Migrant Association.  To read how this ministry has grown unto the present click on Redland Christian Migrant Association’s history and ministry where the initiative of the Mennonites at Homestead is properly remembered. Click on the link to learn more about the present Homestead Mennonite Church.

When Raymond became my successor in the office of the Southeast Mennonite Conference he welcomed me on an occasional visit to the office  and updated me on current events in the conference.

Now Raymond thanks me for making him laugh, and tells me of his reading of the Psalms of Ascent. He reflected that many of the Psalms do not know Jesus and that the Psalms of Ascent are closer to Jesus and that Psalm 126 mentions laughter and made Raymond happy.

I sometimes listen in the early morning to a radio program which begins and ends with the theme song:  Holy Bible Book divine. I suggest for our consideration that the bible is neither wholly holy or divine.  To regard the bible as holy or divine is misleading idolatry.  The bible is most helpful when it is put in its place as a good book, but not holy or divine.

About Martin Lehman

I was born 92 years ago, the son of a Mennonite pastor and organic gardener in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. At age 10 I was baptized as a member of the Marion Mennonite Church. I own the "Old Fool" moniker because I want to walk the Jesus Way even though the world and much of the church takes me as a fool for doing so. In my life I have moved from being a young conservative to an elderly radical. I tell that story in My Faith Journey posted on my website.
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3 Responses to Mennonites & Migrants

  1. Raymond Martin says:

    Most pleased to be identified with the old fool as a nut. Isn’t life with friends fun

  2. Wilmer says:

    Martin, could you please expand what you are saying in your last sentence. Are you referring to the book or the message?

  3. Raymond, I think you did not refer to me as any old nut. You said I was a “perfect” nut. Again I will say that it takes one to know one. Of course, I agree that life with friends is fun!

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