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My Joy says I should explain Borderlands to my readers.  She is right, but an explanation isn’t easy!  When Rhoda and I visited College Mennonite Church for the first time, Rhoda chose to go to a class that studied the International Lessons which she was accustomed to.  I decided … Continue reading

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What a Sunday

Not often are the words of our pastor appreciated by Borderlands.  But this Sunday they were surprised by the unexpected.  The pastor’s text was Genesis 1:26-30.  According to the text the produce, ie, the green herbs of the earth were to be shared … Continue reading

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A Confession, Fall, Empowerment, and Pride

Last Saturday morning, 1-11-2014, Eldon decided to take his usual short walk down the driveway to get the daily newspaper. The first half of the driveway was clear of ice and snow. He knew the second half of his walk … Continue reading

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