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Affirm Confession of Faith?

On Sunday morning the front of College Mennonite Church seemed crowded.  I learned why as the morning unfolded. The program had many small events of special interest to families: Child-parent dedication, baptism, reception of new members, a report from the … Continue reading

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Holistic Witness of the Bible?

The Anabaptist Renewal Circles is committed  “To rejoice in the holistic (full, complete, general, universal, whole) witness of Scripture” The Old Fool wishes he knew what the circles mean by “holistic” and “witness.”  What is it about the holistic witness … Continue reading

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Pentecost and Integrity

In last Sunday’s service, College Mennonite Church joined other churches who  celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit by song, story, art, and sermon. The whole service with all its components can be viewed and heard by clicking here. The … Continue reading

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