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Great is the Mystery

On Tuesday from 10-11:00 a.m. the Old Fool joined a group of senior men known as “Samhedrin” A visitor next to me said he was from Florida. I whispered “where.” He whispered, “Sarasota.” What church? I asked. He replied, “I’m … Continue reading

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Moving in the Spirit

On Saturday My Joy and I were invited to a picnic in Grandpa’s Woods for former members of the Kern Road Mennonite Church. After the picnic I sat with several senior men who reminisced about old cars. I asked one … Continue reading

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How my Weblogs are Written

My weblogs are born of what interests me: a recent experience, an observation, something I’ve heard or read, or a memory. It starts often as a dream in the night or as thoughts in the early morning hours. I tend … Continue reading

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