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Pastor Pamela Yoder

This Sunday Pastor Pamela of College Mennonite Church preached the sermon on “Honor the Body.” After listening to her sermon I whispered to My Joy, “I’ve a word for Pamela” and bee-lined for her.  I told her, “This morning God used a woman.”  She laughed heartily and said back, “As he often does.” That’s true. Find Pamela’s introductory information by going to the CMC Newsletter.  Find Pamela’s sermon by clicking here and    finding it quickly by scrolling 40 minutes into the service. I’ve learned that God often uses a woman through the programs of the Men’s Fellowship of CMC.


Hallway around round church with doors opening to Campus Center for Young Children

One of the women is Sheila Yoder, the coordinator of deaf ministries.  I wrote about her in the blog, the Old Fool Asks Questions .

Katherine Aschliman is another woman. She told us in the Men’s Fellowship of a lifelong ministry to children.  After her lecture she led us to a part of our building that most of us were not aware of.  Our auditorium is round. And around the round building are rooms to accommodate as many as eighty children in Campus Center for Young Children each week-day.


The Wise will welcome!

Yesterday the April 28 issue of the Mennonite World Review carried an article about a convention summoned by the Anabaptist Renewal Circles. The group formed because of concerns for the spiritual health of the Mennonite Church. It reports that it has met several times to “pray and plan for activities that produce life and vitality rather than the divisive debate about sexuality.”

This 88yr Old Fool applauds the planning and joins in the prayer. He has a few words for the circle.  Please take note of the direction the Spirit/Wind is blowing now, not just thousands of years ago. Reread, if you must, the first paragraphs of this post and note how God is using women at CMC.


Sarah Thompson

Note that the Christian Peacemaker Teams has appointed a director, Sarah Thompson, an African American woman, a graduate of AMBS, who has ancestral roots in the Forks Mennonite Church and the boyhood home of Orrie O. Miller.  Here is the history and challenge of CPT.

Note that since Sarah’s appointment, two other young women have been appointed by CPT to serve as Program and Communications Directors.  Names, pictures, and qualifications can be found by clicking here.

The Old Fool read the names of the keynote speakers listed in the MWR article and knows and appreciates many of them, but as far as he knows no signer of the letter from pastors who advocated that the church be governed by love, not law were included.  I have a speaker to suggest:  Heidi Regier Kreider.


Marco Guete, SMC Conference Minister

About 25 years ago, a congregation in the Southeast had exhausted its search for a male pastor.  Finally they polled the congregation to ask:  Would you call a female candidate?  Heidi Regier Kreider accepted the call, and the congregation and the Southeast Mennonite Conference accepted her and she was the first woman ordained by SMC as the pastor of a congregation.  Now she is the pastor of a large congregation in Kansas with many retired pastors among its members.  I submit to the circle that Heidi is as concerned for the Mennonite Church and its spiritual vitality as any of us.

 If you are in the “Anabaptist Renewal Circle” you may serve by passing this post to others in the circle

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