Imagine Churches and World as One.

Indigo GirlsOn Sunday morning a week ago, Krista Tippitt interviewed The Indigo Girls. They talked about Music and Finding God in Church and Smoky Bars.  Of course, they spoke for themselves, but what they said might well be heard by church and world. One of their thoughts echos in my memory still, spirituality is no separation because I believe it.  Hear the interview by clicking here.

(I multi-tasked while listening to MSNBC anchors describe the shooting and killings in California. )

Between the Tippitt interview and the present moment, My Joy and I attended Mary Oyer’s Life Long Learning Class to prepare for the Festival of Carols which will  be presented by Goshen College’s Music Department in Sauder Hall.

The Indigo Girls and Mary Oyer have music in common, but Oyer’s Life Long Learning Class is far from a smoky bar, nor is it quite a church.


Dr. Mary Oyer

The carols are full of myth-like stories of divine interventions in both past and future that stir the imaginations of hearers and singers.  One carol had in it sheer fantasy that disturbed me; The baby in the manger was “rosy white”. To hear an interesting youtube version click here.”

Dr. Oyer also introduced a “Hymn to the Eternal Flame”. It has three stanzas. Each stanza has seven “ev’ry”s and each stanza ends with “woven into fire”.

Ev’ry face, voice, sorrow,  pity, love, mem’ry in you is woven into fire.
Ev’ry breath,  cry, longing, singing, hope, healing in you is woven into fire.
Ev’ry heart, trembling, blessing, soul, shining in you is woven into fire.
(If you wish to learn about the author, read the full lyric, and hear the hymn, click  here.)

eternal flameDr. Oyer explained that each person’s mental picture is different. The hymn reminded me of the cloven tongues of fire that fell at pentecost.  At pentecost fire separated; the hymn pictures a weaving together. Who we are, our experiences and our longings are being woven into a flaring fire.  Once cloven, now woven. So it is in my imagination.

I don’t know where The Indigo Girls got their concept of spirituality no separation. Perhaps it was in a childhood home, a church choir or a smoky bar that they learned that spirituality is no separation.

Indigo Girls
Secret for churches and world 
never separate

The Indigo Girls are lesbians

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