What I learned of Griner Mennonite


Griners church worship team

Griners church worship team

Griner Mennonite Church is among the five weekly televised church services available to Greencroft residents on its channel 13.  Greencroft management must have recognized the diversity of its guests and decided to offer a choice of Sunday Morning services throughout each week. My Joy and I agreed to watch, worship and learn from one of Griner’s televised Sunday morning services.

Griner’s Church had a worship team which led in familiar gospel songs that Sunday morning. My Joy and I had sung many of the songs in the Mennonite churches of our youth.  One song repeated the belief  that “God’s not finished with me yet” and set the theme for the morning’s worship. According to my google search,  the first verse of the lyric goes like this.

If you don’t like the way I am, don’t judge me yet just hang around
God’s not finished with me yet
Now I’m not what I used to be, there’s still work to do in me
God’s not finished with me yet

From this I learned that Griners Mennonite knows itself as being in an unfinished  state and God was still working with them.  When the pastor took the pulpit it seemed to me that he was continuing this hopeful theme when he read from the first chapter of Philippians which includes

. . . he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

The pastor surprised me by turning from Philippians to the first part of the Epistle to the Romans to reveal his concern for the church and society.  He reported that proposals pending before the Goshen and Elkhart town councils may allow radical social change in the future. He seemed to fear the future.

Griner's Church

Griner’s Church

The Epistle of Romans emphasises that all have sinned and the Epistle of James declares that to break only one law makes us as guilty as if we had broken all of God’s laws.  The pastor helped his congregation to deal with their guilt by asking them to kneel in prayer. Leading by example, the pastor moved to the side of the pulpit and kneeled with his face to the floor in fervent prayer.

It is impossible to learn every thing about a church by watching only one televised Sunday Morning service.  More can be learned by googling Griner Mennonite Church and browsing  the contents of it’s website.  To go there quickly click here.

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