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Bumble Bees in our watershed

Two events are influencing me.  One is the documentary movie “Love your Nature” which I encourage every one to see. This beautiful film demonstrates that creatures on earth are cooperating in a major effort to save the earth by connections, … Continue reading

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Sighting of Jesus at College Mennonite Church

Now that I have eyes to see I think I am seeing Jesus more frequently in ordinary settings. However,  a church gathering is not ordinary. If it is the Body of Christ as is claimed, a Jesus-sighting in a church … Continue reading

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Thank God for Knees (and Wheels)

This week my Joyce and I went to Sauder Hall for a college musical program called Earthtones. The selections were from around the world, and required musical skills along with durable knees used in dance and other gyrations.  I thought … Continue reading

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