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Reflections on God and Humanity

The election calls for a people who follow Jesus and offer to the world peace and joy. People are needed who live a life that preserves like salt, shows the way like light, and like leaven, quietly permeates a whole loaf. Take a new look at the beatitudes. The beatitudes tell us how we should … Continue reading

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Now that Trump has won.

Everyone has reflected on the election of Donald Trump to the position of President-elect.  I have read reflections by pundents and other serious-minded citizens. Up to now I have  read nothing from the perspective of a 90 year old.  So, I must speak now, or forever hold … Continue reading

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Fifty is Special

Last Sunday was a special day for My Joy and her younger daughter, Jill who is also my daughter-in-law. Exactly 50 years ago on November 6, Jill was born, and My Joyce became a mother for the second time. Her mother who … Continue reading

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