A monologue

86319435f079I am one,

unique, yet alive.

I am old,

yet young

My ears hear the hope

for something new, better,

someone to trust.

And I have eyes to see

the absence of politeness

and the presence of belittling scorn.

And I have a heart to beat out

life, liberty, and love

with civility when speaking

And I have hands that have no weapon

to kill and destroy,

holding only hammer, hoe and book

to build, garden and learn.

I am only one

I grow older daily

I seek peace,

food, shelter and land

enough for all.

I need but small space

for my dust.

About Martin Lehman

I was born 92 years ago, the son of a Mennonite pastor and organic gardener in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. At age 10 I was baptized as a member of the Marion Mennonite Church. I own the "Old Fool" moniker because I want to walk the Jesus Way even though the world and much of the church takes me as a fool for doing so. In my life I have moved from being a young conservative to an elderly radical. I tell that story in My Faith Journey posted on my website.
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7 Responses to A monologue

  1. Jep Hostetler says:

    Thoughtful, lovely, and a welcome blessing. Thank you brother.

  2. Freda Zehr says:

    As usual, brother Lehman, you are on my page. I always gain a feeling of comfort from your entries. I also read between the lines at times, and find that you speak to the complexities of our modern world at present, with a wise and understanding of what is important, as you speak wisdom from your years of living and learning. I too am of that age, I don’t pretend to be as wise and knowing as yourself, however I do find it difficult at times to hear where others are in their thinking of world and church issues. The political issue currently facing us causes me to wonder—where have all these people been for the last forty years? Have they not heard? Have they not seen? At any rate is is not something that you and I can solve. But we can pray and have faith, which is what I am learning to do. Thanks again for all you contributed to my own life and learning. Freda Zehr

  3. A beautiful and inspiring post by one who seems to grow in his insights and in the way he shares them. An amazing and always inspiring sharing. You Martin continue to bless me and many others with your sharing! I am thankful for each day the Creator gives you to share with us!! May the peace of Christ be with you!! Dave Helmuth

  4. John M Lederach says:

    Thank you Martin, You are indeed young in heart and spirit and I count it a joy that our lives intercept at this part of our mutual journey in life!. This is a small part of the meaning of “mysterium tremendum” as Rudolf Otto describes the experience of the Holy as both fascinating, utterly Other and mystery. You are a word crafter and I say, Thank you!

  5. Miriam Showalter says:

    May I share this on Facebook? As a post?

  6. Ann L. Bomberger Watson says:

    What a lovely Poem!
    It speaks with the wisdom of age, of one who has and will serve yet! …serve well with gentleness and God’s spirit. Your words inspire the enthusiasm and the energy of youth and call us to live in the peace that passes all understanding.

    Thank You,
    Ann Watson

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