Solomon’s Castle


Solomon and his castle

As I remember, It was while I was still living in Florida that Rachel and I visited Solomon’s Castle, Ona, Florida.  We were traveling alone when we decided to explore the lonely dot on the map designated Solomon’s Castle.  I still have the wooden owl I purchased.  More about that later.

After reminiscing with Rachel I decided to post a few paragraphs, but not without doing some research first. I discovered that the master piece is for sale.  Here is one visitor’s description: “The artist, who’s also a carpenter, teacher and stand-up comic, bought the 55-acre spread along Horse Creek in the 1970s and has been working as hard as a serf on it ever since. Prepare to experience an art- and pun-filled tour of room after room of art objects Solomon’s fashioned from all manner of matter.”


The Old Wood Owl has a friend

Click here and here for interesting information. You learn that there is an admission fee of $10.00 and the added information:  “Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.” Apparently Rachel and I had enough cash between us to gain admission.  But then when in the room where some of Solomon’s art was offered for sale we ran into the no credit card dilemma.  The owl made by Solomon was priced at $10.oo but I could not buy it because we did not have the required cash.

The Old Owl is gregarious

The Old Owl is gregarious


When the salesperson saw my obvious disappointment he advised me to talk it over with Howard Solomon himself.  Solomon told me I could take the owl with me if I promised that after returning home the very first thing I did would be to write him a ten dollar check and mail it to him.  I promised and I did. So I have Solomon’s wood owl with me in Apt. 83 of Evergreen Place.

If you visit Florida and tire of crowds along the coasts, seek out Solomon’s Castle in Florida’s midland.  Be sure to take some cash! There is a restaurant on a boat on Horse Creek, also bed and breakfast quarters in the castle. Check its existence before you go. It may have been sold

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  1. Freda Zehr says:

    An interesting story, Martin. Makes me want to visit Solomon’s castle!

  2. Lowell Nissley says:

    Miriam & I have been there several times. We have even taken some snow bird friends to laugh & eat also. It’s a fun place.

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