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Catching Up

My computer has been in the shop for clean up and  so I have been using my iphone to contact friends. One friend that I called was Grace Lehman Burkholder, a first cousin who is four years younger than I … Continue reading

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Shaped by Civilian Public Service

The current series of services at College Mennonite Church are based on Alan Kreider’s thoughts about the way  “patient perseverance ” shaped the first Christians. These services revived memories  of serendipitous events that helped prepare me for service. Selective Service  determined that on January 5, 1947 I would enter Civilian Public Service  … Continue reading

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Preparation for yielding

Freda informed me that she is confused by the last sentence of my last post. Will Mennonites yield if the Spirit does not take us back to the fundamentals, but blows instead toward a strange and queer future? I had a restless night after I read of Freda’s confusion.  The … Continue reading

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