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Teenagers, Popes, Mennonite Conferences, & Nonogenerians

“Teenager” brains can convince teens  that they are always right and that they know better than their elders what to do.   They are dead wrong about that, as they will acknowledge later when the brain changes, and they discover … Continue reading

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Did Rhoda Help Me?

Here is a little story that I’ve been telling my friends: The management of Evergreen Estates provides well for the residents who depend on them.  So each resident who accepts it is given a call button to hang around the neck … Continue reading

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How the Church Decides – 2

As I began to write these ponderings I was listening to Pope Francis speak to Catholic bishops in St. Matthews Catholic Cathedral in Washington D.C. The Roman Catholic Church appears to make decisions from the top down. The Catholic church is fortunate … Continue reading

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