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From Arizona to Callifornia and Nevada

Nate and Kathy had carefully planned my stay with them.  I should have known they would because of  Kathy’s career as an executive hostess for two colleges. Nate presented more than 1,800 seminars for business and industry leaders and employees … Continue reading

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Caring for little things, and great

Jep Hostetler praises me for caring for small things.  And I do. Del Yoder thinks that some of the little creatures I care for are carpenter bees, not bumble bees.  He  may be right about that.  I have learned that … Continue reading

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Happy Pollinator Sightings

I don’t know if you are as concerned as I am for the bees in our watershed, but I want to tell you that several days ago I went scouting on my scooter to find bumble bees or honey bees. … Continue reading

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