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    Martin Lehman

    These words were sent to me by a friend. He wrote: “This is a good letter, Martin, a name is an interpretation, and we need the name Mennonite to interpret our place in history, our central faith in Jesus, our commitment to be a community of discipleship, unique separation from the kingdoms of this world to the Kingdom of our Lord, and our mission of reconciliation. Without a historical identity we become a people of individualistic piety with no test beyond our own claims.”
    Now, if you agree or disagree with me or my friend or have something to add you will do as all a favor by identifying yourself, and doing so.

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    Martin Lehman

    Another friend added this comment in a gmail to me: Joseph Paul Sauder It seems to me that the name is not a problem so much as the egotistical attitude that “my way, group, congregation, etc. Is superior, to yours and is the only correct way to believe”.
    Paul addressed that problem in Corinth !

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    Martin Lehman

    Uncle Andrew and Cousin Aunt Lois had three more children than Wilmer: Nelson, Carroll, and Alta. Nelson was a pastor and is deceased as is his brother Carroll who was a music instructor and director in a university. Alta is very much alive. Any one who can give more meaning to these names, please do.

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